Our Story

    From the exotic delights of Uzbekistan to the green rolling hills of England

    Anor Living Story

    Welcome to Anor Living

    Growing up in Uzbekistan I was surrounded by the exotic history of the silk route and the rich colours and patterns that immersed themselves into my everyday life – this gift influenced my imagination from a young age. Being a visual person, surrounded by this beauty helped to inspire my passion for colours and design. This nurtured a dream that one day I would be able to share this and it was the beginning of my path to the creation of ‘Anor Living’.

    Being a perfectionist, I pay a lot of attention to the details which translate into each individual hand-made piece that forms Anor Living collection. I have established close relationships with the most talented artisans in Uzbekistan. The designs in each collection are detail driven, influenced by the colours, textures and nuances of each individual piece of fabric – each item is unique. The fabrics themselves are made from a limited run and every item is hand-made. The stunning hand dyed and hand woven fabrics are a visual illustration of the ancient tribal traditions which bring the authentic heritage of Uzbekistan to Anor customers.

    Slow fashion is our second nature – I believe that an investment in a beautifully made, ethically sourced product can bring great joy. Our products are timeless, each with its own unique story woven into every thread of fabric. They will continue to have a special place in your heart forever.


    Founder and CEO