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Hand-Embroidered Silk Cushion - Lakai Tribe Pattern

47 x 47 cm


Our luxurious hand-embroidered Lakai cushions have been inspired by original design Lakai motifs that have been individually hand-embroidered onto the hand-woven silk-cotton fabric.
The Lakai were seminomadic Uzbek tribes former noted for their horse breeding, fierce independence. Historically they were lived in what is now southern Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
Lakai embroideries reflect their shamanistic roots. The symbolic motifs of swirling disks, spirals and stylised scorpions and spiders have primal quality about them. They exude a magical energy.
Each item is made with a tremendous amount of care and with our own heritage rooted in Uzbekistan, we work directly with artisans that we know and who are among the most talented in their field.
Due to the hand-made nature of our cushions, there may be slight variations in patterns and colours in the material, which all adds to the unique nature of each item.

Threads: 100% Silk
Front fabric: 80% silk / 20% cotton
Reverse fabric: 80% silk / 20% cotton
Measurements (cm): 45 x 45
Closure: Overlap closure zip
Insert:  85% duck feather / 15% down
Care: Dry-clean only

Front: 80% silk / 20% cotton
Reverse: 80% silk / 20% cotton
Measurements (cm):  50 x 35 
Closure: Invisible zip
Insert: 85% duck feather / 15% down
Care: Dry-clean only


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