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Vintage Hand-Embroidered Suzani Cushion - Anisa Family Cushion

65 x 40


This vintage Anisa Family Cushion B is from our beautiful limited-edition Vintage Suzani Cushions that are individually handcrafted from hand embroidered vintage Suzanis from Samarkand. They were traditionally created as beautiful, handcrafted dowry pieces, that the women in a family laboriously created together and presented to the bride on her wedding day. The dynamic design with a sun disk and flowers, surrounded by melon vines suggests the influence of the ancient Scythian forms. Rooted in ancient beliefs, the motifs have magical meanings and are believed to drive away evil spirits.

In sourcing the vintage fabrics for these cushions, the artisans select the highest quality pieces in order to create these beautiful cushions.

Due to each cushion being produced from a vintage Suzani, each item is completely individual and the colours and patterns do vary in each cushion, which all adds to the unique charm of each piece.

Threads: 100% Cotton
Front fabric: 100% Cotton
Reverse fabric: 100% Cotton
Measurements (cm): 65 x 40
Closure: Overlap closure zip
Insert: 85% duck feather / 15% down
Care: Dry-clean only

Front: 80% silk / 20% cotton
Reverse: 80% silk / 20% cotton
Measurements (cm):  50 x 35 
Closure: Invisible zip
Insert: 85% duck feather / 15% down
Care: Dry-clean only


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